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How to Choose the Right Name for Your Clothing Brand

When it comes to fashion and clothing, authenticity stands at the core of it all.

People expect something fresh, unique, and creative. Over the years, fashion designers have created brands that bear their own names. They have also assumed aliases as their public personas.

That said, if you aren’t creating a high-end luxury brand, chances are you’ll want a catchy name that speaks to your audience.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find the perfect name for your clothing brand by considering all the right factors.

What Makes a Good Clothing Brand Name?

There are certain factors you need to consider universally for all business names. This includes picking a name that’s easy to pronounce and spell.

But when it comes to the clothing industry, it’s a whole different ball game. Here’s what you should ask yourself:

1. Who is your target audience?

Does your clothing line cater to kids, teens, or adults? Is it solely baby clothing? Where are your customers located in the world? Will it be a local brand or do you hope to expand and become international?

You can also consider the type of clothing you’re selling such as sportswear or streetwear.

These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself about what kind of customers you want to attract to your business.

2. What kind of feelings do you want to evoke with your brand?

Do you want your customers to feel pumped up and excited? Or do you want to give them a calm and relaxing experience?

Or maybe you want to create an haute couture brand that invokes the feeling of being prestigious and custom-made.

3. What makes your brand authentic and different?

When it comes to fashion, your clothing line needs to be unique, not just its name. What makes you different? Do you sell affordable clothing that’s fashionable?

Are you catering specifically to plus size? Are you centered around sustainable fashion?

This is where you need to be honest about your brand and find your authenticity.

4. What is your vision for your clothing line?

What do you see in the long run for your clothing business? Do you envision a small business or one that grows leaps and bounds? What do you want people to know and remember your brand for?

Once you’ve answered these questions and are clear about your brand name, it becomes easier to find a name that suits your brand’s personality.

Keeping this in mind, here are universal rules you should follow while picking any brand name:

– Keep it short and easy to remember

– Make it memorable and recognizable

– Avoid complex words. It should be easy to spell and pronounce

– Find something that stands out so that you’re unique and different from competitors

– Pick a name that you can create a marketing strategy for

– Keep the name relevant to your clothing line

Now that you have a clear brand vision for your clothing line, you can start the process of finding a fashion business name that’s perfect!

Steps to Find the Perfect Clothing Brand Name

To find the perfect name for your clothing line, you can follow this 3-step process that’s tremendously helpful in finding any kind of business name.

1. Brainstorm Ideas

The best place to start is to create a list of clothing brand name ideas for your new business. Keep in mind that no idea is bad.

In this phase, it’s best to let your creativity flow and jot down as many ideas as you can. This can help you quickly find one that clicks.

While brainstorming, you could even ask friends and family for creative name ideas to add to the list.

Once you have at least 20 to 25 name suggestions, if not more, then you can start to shortlist the ones that stand out to you.

A good way to find the right name is to say it out loud and say it to others. This will help you find brandable names that not only sound good but are also memorable.

If you’re having a hard time brainstorming on your own, you can use our Clothing Brand Name Generator.

You simply need to type in a keyword and it will generate fashion brand and clothing business name ideas.

This tool works great even if you’re looking for clothing boutique names, startup names, or maybe a personal website as an entrepreneur. You can use this tool to brainstorm creative brand names.

2. Get Feedback

Before you settle on a name, you need to test it out with others. You can ask people you know what they think of the name.

You’ll want to get a positive response from majority of the people you ask.

A better way to do this is to run a survey to get feedback based on demographics like the user’s location and age. This way you can find out what your exact target audience thinks of the name.

3. Check for Domain Name Availability

Once you’ve shortlisted possible names, you’ll want to check if the domain name is available.

A domain name is a website’s URL address like or

For any business to be successful today, you need to have a website and social media accounts. This can make or break your business, especially ones related to the fashion industry.

An online presence helps you build a base of loyal supporters. It also gives potential customers a place where they can learn more about your brand, connect with you, and also see your reviews and ratings. This plays a huge role in creating trust in users.

So before you settle on a business name, it’s important to see if a domain name is available to create your website.

You can quickly check if your preferred domain name is available by using our Domain Name Generator.

Simply type in the clothing brand name and hit the Submit button. The generator will show you all available names and extensions along with the domain price.

When choosing a domain name, you’ll want to keep these 3 things in mind:

Keep it Simple: Avoid using special characters, odd spellings, and long names that are not easy to remember. You want a catchy business name that’s easy for visitors to remember so they know what to type in the address bar when they want to visit your site.

Choose the Right Extension: The extension of a domain is .com, .net, .biz, .cafe, and so on. You can also choose country-specific extensions like .us, .uk, .nz, or .ca.

Know When to Improvize: Avoid improvising when it makes things complicated and doesn’t work in your favor. For instance, you wouldn’t want to spell your clothing website name as with a double S. It would only confuse people and they’ll likely visit the website with the correct spelling. If already exists as a clothing brand, our suggestion is to try a different name as it would be really hard to compete with an established brand. You might also run into copyright issues.

Once you choose your domain name, you can set up a website for your brand, you can even make the domain your online shop name. This means you can set up an eCommerce store where you can sell your products online.

Still haven’t settled on a domain name? We give you more ways to get creative with your clothing line name next.

Creative Domain Extensions for Fashion Brands

A .com domain is the best you can get because it’s the most recognizable one. But it could be expensive to get a .com domain, and in those cases, you might want to pick an extension like .clothing that might work better for your business.

If you want to get creative with domain extensions, we’ve got a list of fashion-related extensions you can use.


With so many options, you can be sure to find the best clothing store name for your business. If you’re still unable to settle on one, use our Free Business Name Generator to find trendy and memorable brand names.

All you have to do is type in a keyword and do a name search. It will automatically generate the best name ideas for your fashion business.

What are Good Clothing Brand Names?

The good thing with clothing lines is that you can be so creative. Some of the top brand names don’t have anything to do with the word “clothing”.

For instance, here are some well-known clothing company names you can draw inspiration from:

Nine West
Forever 21
Flying Machine
Victoria’s Secret

In this list of unique names, there are random words, names of fruits, names of animals, and even a type of fuel! But they’ve all been tremendously successful because they have an authentic brand identity that sets them apart from the rest.

Brands that are named after fashion designers or founders include:

Calvin Klein
Louis Vuitton
Tommy Hilfiger
Christian Dior
Levi Strauss & Co.
Abercrombie & Fitch

These names should help you come up with awesome clothing line name ideas.

Whichever name you choose, testing your fashion brand name in the market is one of the smartest things you can do.

Keep in mind that the name should be catchy, short, and honest. If it’s memorable and has a nice ring to it when it’s said out loud, you can be sure you have a good clothing brand name.