5 Top Domain Name Broker Services (2024)

Are you looking for a reliable domain broker to get you the domain you want?

If you have your eye on a highly sought-after domain name, chances are you won’t be able to get it on your own. Domain brokers can help strike a good deal and secure the domain name for you.

But their services come with terms and conditions along with added costs.

In this post, we’ll help you decide which is the best domain broker that you should use to get any domain you want.

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Domain Broker?

When choosing a domain broker, you need to find one that’s trustworthy and reliable. One that will get YOU the best deal.

Here’s what we would consider when selecting a domain broker.

  • Domain knowledge: Check their previous experience and company history to make sure they are experts in the domain field.
  • History/track record: How have they performed in the past? You’ll want to take a look at any big domain transactions that they’ve made and also see who their previous clients were.
  • Reviews and Testimonials: Other people’s experiences can tell you a lot about a business. Check third-party review sites to find what people have to say about the domain broker service.

Added to this, you can always connect with the broker and ask questions about the methods they use, their policies, negotiation skills, and other information that can help you decide whether they’re the right service for you.

One important thing to keep in mind is to always read the brokerage contract. This will contain all the information about what happens if you make a deal, if the deal doesn’t go through, refunds, hidden charges, and more.

With that said, let’s take a look at the top domain brokers out there so that you can pick the best one.

Best Domain Broker Services

These are the most popular and reliable domain brokers in the market:

1. Sedo

Sedo is one of the most popular domain brokers and have been around since 1999. They let you buy, sell, auction, and park domain names to get the best price on your domain.

They have 2 million customers worldwide and have negotiated 700,000 domain sales.

Sedo can help you get domain appraisals and negotiate deals on your behalf. If you have a domain to sell, they can increase exposure through their partner network, and transfer domains securely.


Sedo’s seller-side brokerage service is 100% free of charge. If you sell your domain, a 15% commission fee will be deducted from the agreed sale price. But the good thing here is that if your domain does not sell, you will not be charged.

Added to this, Sedo also lets you park your domain for free and Sedo will fix a price for it. You’ll pay a 10% commission if the sale is successful.

If you are buying a domain name, there are no charges through wire transfer. For other payment methods, you’ll pay a 3% fee.

2. Grit Brokerage

Grit Brokerage is a widely-recognized domain broker that helps you buy and sell domain names.

Grit Brokerage offers a streamlined and efficient process to minimize any hassle involved.

First, they have a full-time researcher that finds all potential buyers for a domain.

After that, they get in touch with relevant people to negotiate the best possible price.

Added to this, Grit Brokerage sends out a monthly newsletter that goes out to over 8,000 subscribers. These subscribers are buyers and end users who are regularly looking to buy premium domains.

To increase more exposure, the team also attends almost all of the domain conferences and uses social media audience and press releases to promote certain domains they have under brokerage.

Added to that, they offer world-class customer service so you can be sure that they’ll communicate with you all the way.

Grit Brokerage has helped big brand names secure their prized domain names.


Grit Brokerage does not have pricing plans or much information on their website. Their fees can vary so you’ll need to contact them for a quotation.

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a leading domain broker with 100+ domain brokers and 84+ million domains under their management.

When you sign up for their broker service, GoDaddy will give you a dedicated broker that will negotiate deals of any size for you. They will handle every step of the transactions so you can sit back till your domain is bought or sold.


If you want to buy a domain name through GoDaddy, they charge an initial Domain Broker Service fee to start the service. Upon successful sale, a 20% Buyer Broker fee will be added to the domain purchase price.

GoDaddy does not broker domain sales. They do, however, have a their free domain appraisal tool to get a valuation of your domain. You can then list your domain on their auction site to sell it.

4. DomainAgents

DomainAgents is another great domain broker. They do not negotiate domain deal themselves but they will connect you with the other party.

DomainAgent will also assist you with negotiations to help you get the best price on your domain name. They also ensure a safe and secure transaction process.


To get started with DomainAgents, you need to buy credits for $19.95. Then you can identify the domain name you are interested in acquiring.

When you do this, DomainAgents will use all their resources to track down the domain owner and make an offer.

If they can’t do that, you’ll get your credits back to make a fresh request on a different domain name.

If the sale is successful, they add a buyer’s fee that is charged depending on the transaction value.

5. Brannans.com

Brannans.com is a popular domain broker that focuses solely on domain transactions. They are one the oldest domain brokers with 15+ years of experience catering to everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

However, they only broker sales for .com domains that have a value of $25,000 and up. If your domain is worth at least $5,000 and up, they may feature you in their newsletter.

Brannans.com newsletter is also a great place to get news and updates about domain names and brokers around the world.


Brannans.com doesn’t charge for the initial consultation.

They charge a commission of 15% of the actual sales price minus any escrow fees.

And that’s all! That’s our pick of the top 5 domain brokers in the market. You could also check out SwissBroker.

If paying broker commissions is too much or out of budget, you can buy a domain name on your own too!

Check out our Domain Name Generator to help you choose an available domain name.

You simply need to type in the domain name you want and if it’s available, you’ll see it on the results page along with an option to buy it.

nameboy domain search results

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You can find more domain name registrar options here: Best Domain Registrars

That’s all we have for you today. We hope you found this post helpful in deciding which domain broker you should use.

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